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26,00 EUR*
Details Vintage photo of Rene Coty meeting with people.

Size 9.5" x 7.2"  Rene Coty was President of France from 1954 to 1959. He was the second and last president of the Fourth French Republic. He was born on 20 March 1882 and died on 22 November 1962. Rene Coty, president, France, people, men, woman ...

26,00 EUR*
Details Vintage photo of Karim Khan Zand meeting with people.

Size Size of photo 6.0" x 9.0"  Karim Khan Zand was the founder of the Zand Dynasty, ruling from 1751 to 1779. He ruled all of Iran except for Khorasan. He also ruled over some Caucasian lands and occupied Basra for some years. This photograph ...

18,56 EUR*
Details Tying Rocks to Clouds: Meetings and Conversations with Wise and Spiritual People

Tying Rocks to Clouds Time and again, luminaries such as Mother Teresa of Calcutta, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and Elisabeth Kubler-Ross warmed to author Bill Elliott's heartfelt longing for meaning behind the workings of the world. In this ...

26,00 EUR*
Details Vintage photo of Begum Salimah Aga Khan meeting with people.

Size 12.1" x 7.9"  Princess Salimah Aga Khan also known as Begum Salimah Aga Khan, is a former fashion model and an ex-wife of the 49th Ismaili Shia Imam, the IV Aga Khan Prince Karim Aga Khan. She married, secondly, Prince Karim Aga Khan IV, son of ...

6,00 EUR*
Details No More Pointless Meetings: Breakthrough Sessions That Will Revolutionize the Way You Work (Agency/Distributed)

No More Pointless Meetings Wasting time in pointless meetings... It's the bane of work life - and the one thing that never seems to change. This book leverages the creativity and knowledge of an organization's people - a potent resource that ...

167,08 EUR*
Details Leinwand-Bild 90 x 120 cm: "Ms c-23 f.165a, A Doctor Performing a Bleeding in a Crowd of Curious People, from The Maqamat (The Meetings) by Al-Hariri, c.1240 (gouache & ink on vellum)", Bild auf Leinwand

Ihr ausgewähltes Motiv auf Leinwand in Top-Qualität- hochwertiger Leinwanddruck auf Canvas- verschiedene Formate möglich- echte Fineart-Qualität- wasserabweisend und UV-beständig- aufgezogen auf einen stabilen Holzkeilrahmen- mit Aufhängung geliefert ...

50,69 EUR*
Details Combating Educational Disadvantage: Meeting the Needs of Vulnerable Children

Combating Educational Disadvantage International contributors focus on the challenges to the educational system posed by children and young people who experience a variety of social and economic disadvantages. Full description

134,59 EUR*
Details Alu-Dibond-Bild 80 x 100 cm: "Ms c-23 f.165a, A Doctor Performing a Bleeding in a Crowd of Curious People, from The Maqamat (The Meetings) by Al-Hariri, c.1240 (gouache & ink on vellum)", Bild auf Alu-Dibond

Lassen Sie sich verzaubern! Ihr ausgewähltes Motiv auf Alu-Dibond gedruckt für Ihr Zuhause.- 3 mm starkes Alu-Dibond- verschiedene Formate möglich- UV-Druck direkt auf das Material- wasserabweisend und UV-beständig- Einsatz für den Innen- und ...

19,01 EUR*
Details A Canal People: The Photographs of Robert Longden

A Canal People During a few brief years in late 1940s and early 1950s Robert Longden took a remarkable set of photographs of the narrow boat community at Hawkesbury Stop - the main meeting point for those who worked the Midlands canals. This book ...

16,21 EUR*
Details A Gift for Mama

A Gift for Mama A little boy is on a search for the perfect gift for his mother, navigating the streets of 1890s Vienna, meeting new people, and continuing to trade one gift for another.

26,40 EUR*
Details 1880 Skizzen-Liverpool-Wahl-Bezirk-Sitzungs-Leute

1880 Skizzen-Liverpool-Wahl-Bezirk-Sitzungs-Leute Old Antique Historical Victorian Prints Maps and Historic Fine Art ----------. 1880 Sketches Liverpool Election Ward Meeting People Two A Page Of Victorian Social History Froms . Wood Engravings From ...

12,98 EUR*
Details Brilliant Self Confidence (Brilliant (Pearson))

Brilliant Self Confidence Everyone can build lasting, unshakable confidence and go after the life they really want to live. Whether it's making a career change, finding a romantic partner or meeting new people, Brilliant Self-confidence is packed with ...

15,16 EUR*
Details Juxtanother Antichoir from She

Suppose you invited thirty people to meet one Saturday morning to try out their voices and hear how they might sound together. That's what Martin Archer did in 2010 and out of that and subsequent meetings came Juxtavoices. Only a few of the thirty ...

12,99 EUR*
Details Collins English for Business. Speaking

Make yourself understood in business This brand new self-study book is the perfect way for business people who spend a lot of time on the phone or in meetings and want to improve their spoken English, getting their message across effectively. The ...

17,57 EUR*
Details Will There Be Donuts?. by David Pearl

Today, the very word 'meeting' conjures up images of time wasted in badly lit, airless offices. People sitting around tables unsure why they are there and wishing they were somewhere else. Hour after hour. Day after day. David Pearl can change that ...

19,90 EUR*

c1920 MOTHERS MEETING INDIAN VILLAGE MOUNTAINS ORURO A Page from People of All Nations, their life story today and the story of their past captured in numerous photographs edited by J A Hammerton .Countries include Abyssinia, Afghanistan, Albania ...

15,12 EUR*
Details Mr. Food's Quick and Easy Diabetic Cooking

This book is it - the result of Mr. Food's chance meeting with Nicole Johnson, Miss America 1999, and his desire to respond to fan requests for creative, tasty, and quick recipes for people with diabetes. With more than 150 no-nonsense recipes, plus ...

12,20 EUR*
Details Love Begins in Winter: Five Stories (P.S.)

Love Begins in Winter On the verge of giving up--anchored to dreams that never came true and to people who have long since disappeared from their lives--Van Booy's characters walk the streets of these stark and beautiful stories until chance meetings ...

21,35 EUR*
Details My Life With Nobi: A Guide For A Successful Life

"My Life with Nobi" is a story of two people whose lives were such that they had little or no chance of meeting had it not been for World War II. She was born and lived her early life on the Island of Hokkaido, Japan while I was born and lived my ...

131,60 EUR*
Details Nurturing Sanctuary: Community Capacity Building in African American Churches (Black Studies and Critical Thinking)

How are predominantly African American churches meeting the needs of young people? What resources of, and tensions in, faith leadership are shaping answers to this and other related questions? 'Nurturing Sanctuary' analyzes ways in which the two most ...